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Tumbled Travertine Tile

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Travertine stone is geologically a cross between limestone & marble this law porosity stone comes in various sizes including random flagstone sizes with sawn edges, soft pillowed distressed edges, hand chipped edges, tumbled edges.

facade tumbled travertine tiles

The featured items are an aesthetic approach to the traditional decorative set. Out decorative are handmade by highly trained artisans in our studio to give each decorative a unique look.

Decoration travertine tiles

Today, travertine embodies a classical beauty and remains to be a common building material in Iran. Premium travertine tile flooring is becoming more and more popular for both homes and commercial buildings for these reasons.

Offices tumbled tiles

A fine selection of stone paving and terracotta brick paviors for any town or country garden. Travertine is also available with a factory filled honed smooth surface or unfilled honed surface and comes in a range of cream to beige colors and the other energetic color.

Tumbled travertine tiles

This premium tile is a classy choice, rich in appearance and practicality. Great civilizations of the ancient world relied upon travertine as a staple building material for use in the creation of their most notable and ornate architectural accomplishments.

Public travertine tiles

This is a testament not only to the illustrious history of travertine, but also to its longevity, timelessness and durability. Out decorative are handmade by highly trained artisans in our studio to give each decorative a unique look.

Bands & border travertine tiles

Farzin rock stone

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